Week 4 – Today I Begin a New Life

“Today I Begin a New Life” – Those are the first words from The Scroll Marked I in Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. That would have been a perfect title for my blog for Week 1 of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance program since that’s when I started reading that chapter of Og’s book daily. In fact, reading that chapter THREE times daily…out loud, with passion and enthusiasm. In addition to Og’s book, I’ve been engaging my mind in several other positive re-enforcing ways such as reading the Master Keys and sitting, reading my Definite Major Purpose and acting upon the items listed out in my Service Cards.

I find it interesting that I’m choosing to use “Today I Begin a New Life” for my 4th blog entry….do you? Well…here’s why….

I had a VERY BUSY week. It seemed as though I was replacing 2 or 3 items on my “To Do” list for each item that I completed. As I worked my way through the week, I had to make choices. Choices about where I invested my time and energy. Choices about what I needed to do now and what I could put off till tomorrow. Choices which had me questioning my decisions time and again.

One of the choices that I made was to delay in creating & sharing my Week 4 thoughts regarding the MKMMA program. Was that I good choice? Looking back now, which is about a month later, I would definitely reach the conclusion that my choice should have been different. Not only did I delay in my Week 4 blog, but also on Weeks 5, 6 AND 7. Yikes! I’m now experiencing the consequences of that decision and catching up.

One choice which I happily made was to be diligent and consistent in my daily MKMMA readings, my daily sit and affirmations. In the past, I undoubtedly would have been very harsh on myself for falling behind in my blogging. Today, I’m not so harsh because I can take pride in knowing that I kept my disciple and focus on improving my mind and my attitude.

I’m not ashamed for having fallen behind in my blogging. We all can slip and slide a little at times. The important thing is being able to catch yourself and get back on track. Week 4 is a memory and “Today I Begin a New Life”!

Peace and success to all!

Jerry B


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