Week 5 – Authoring Change

Another week “in the books” for the MKMMA  Program. I’ve been investing myself in  books such as Scroll 1 of “The Greatest Salesman in the World” and the first five chapters of the Master Keys. More importantly, “books” such as the new one being written about my life, my attitude, my opportunities and my future.

This new book is not for sale and cannot be found in your local bookstore or antique shop. It’s a book being authored in my mind by my new favorite author, my sub-conscience. A book which is uncovering my hidden abilities. The abilities which have always existed, but which have been beaten down by years of self-doubt and discouragement. A book which is working like a piece of heavy equipment to rip away the layer upon layer of muck which has weighted down my abilities to move forward and grow.

It’s a new day. The sun is shining. Time to get to work!

Peace and success to all!

Jerry B


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