Week 6 – Kaleidoscope of Dreams

The world is, no doubt, filled with color. There are colorful people, colorful places and colorful things. There are more colors than you can even imagine. Want a little proof? Find a box of 128 Crayola crayons and you’ll see a LOT of colors….and those 128 are just scratching the surface.

What I find very interesting in my journey through the Master Key Master Mind Alliance program is that even with all the color in the world, I’m really only seeing 4 colors these days. You guessed it, they are the 4 primary colors of Red, Blue, Green and Yellow and they are “carrying the flag” for my dreams, aspirations and the future for me and my family. They seem to be everywhere….and that’s because they ARE. I just never noticed them before.

Just as my subconscious has narrowed my visual/mental acuity to focusing in on the 4 colors of my dreams, it has also narrowed my mental focus on obtaining those dreams, pushing aside distractions and the negativity of nay-sayers in order to turn dreams into reality!

Peace and success to all!

Jerry B


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