Week 7 – Discovering My Negativity

Just when you think you know someone, you learn something new about them that surprises you. The person I thought I knew was…me!

I thought I knew who I was and how I thought. When I was younger, I was the eternal optimist. On the job, I felt like I could do anything and get it done within the time that the boss wanted it. Over time, I found myself becoming unable to do that on a consistent basis….but I worked through it. I begin asking more questions, clarifying the request and figuring out what the obstacles to meeting the request might be. My performance got better and my life got better.

Then Week 7 of the MKMMA program arrived and I was challenged to think only positive thoughts for an entire week. I was educated on the principle that someone can only focus on one thought at a time, and that when a negative thought enters our mind we must identify it and replace that thought with more positive thinking. Each time we do not replace the thought within 7 seconds, we needed to start counting our week from Day 1 again.

Until I focused on my thinking, I had no idea how negative I had become. Making it through an entire week of quickly replacing negative thoughts seemed nearly impossible when I first started. It’s getting near the end of the week and I’m getting better at catching myself and replacing those negative thoughts. Making it through an entire week now seems like a possibility….and that’s GREAT news!

Who is that “Guy in the Glass”? Still not totally sure, but getting to know him better on a daily basis.

Keep growing and improving everyone…what a wonderful ride!

Peace and success to all!

Jerry B


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