Week 1 – The MKMMA Journey Begins

MKMMA (aka. the Master Key Master Mind Alliance) is a 26 week journey of self-discovery. Within all of us lies greatness….TREMENDOUS GREATNESS!

If you are like most people, you’ve had successes in your life….probably many successes. Be proud of those successes, they are a glimpse into your GREATNESS. I have had successes. I have been GREAT. Have I been TREMENDOUSLY GREAT? Have you?

We’ve all had dreams and aspirations when we were young. We could be anything we wanted to be…a police officer, fire fighter, astronaut or even the President of the United States. We all wanted to be heroes! Somehow along the way, we’ve been dragged down by the circumstances of life. Doubt creeps in, fears develop and our dreams become less than they originally were. We’ve all been created for GREATNESS, we can all be heroes!

I’ve started my journey toward TREMENDOUS GREATNESS through the MKMMA program.

As Week 1 is beginning to draw to a close, I must say that it has been AMAZING!  Although I expected to see a change in myself over the course of the 26 week program, I never really expected to see any change so quickly.

By simply following the program, I’ve been stuffing my mind with positive thoughts contained within the required readings and it’s really just made me a happier person and made my days more enjoyable.  Starting each day by reading the Blueprint Builder, Scroll 1 of “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino and my own personal Definite Major Purpose (DMP) gives me a very important ‘kick-start’ to my day and immediately gets me moving in a positive direction. More reading, including Chapter 1 of the Master Key System, and sitting perfectly still for 15 minutes during the day re-focuses me from any negativity I may have encountered up to that point. Finishing my day by reading my DMP and Scroll 1 just before bed actually makes we WANT to hear the alarm go off so I can do it all again! (Isn’t that just SICK!!!)

I am forming good habits and becoming their slave.  Bring on Week 2!

Peace and success to all,

Jerry B